• July 29, 2008 @ 10:00 pm E/P
    Starz Inside: In The Gutter
    Before the 1960's, most comedy was clean. These days, not so much. Starz Inside: In The Gutters explores the history of offensive no-holds-barred humor.
    Featuring interviews with Alonso Duralde.


Alonso will be featured in the talk show segment of the Monday, November 1, edition of the Village Variety Pack in LA, with a book signing to follow.

December 2, 8pm -- Seattle, WA [RSVP on Facebook]
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" screening & book signing
Three Dollar Bill @ Central Cinema

December 4, 5pm -- Austin, TX [RSVP on Facebook]
"A Christmas Carol" screening & book signing
Millennium Theater

December 6, 7pm -- NYC [RSVP on Facebook]
"Santa Claus" (1959) screening & book signing
ReRun Theatre

December 8, 6pm -- Nashville, TN [RSVP on Facebook]
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" screening & book signing
Sarratt Cinema, Vanderbilt University campus

December 9, 7pm -- San Francisco [RSVP on Facebook]
"Black Christmas" and "Gremlins" screening & book signing
Castro Theatre

December 11, 11:59pm -- Los Angeles [RSVP on Facebook]
"Home Alone" screening & book signing
New Beverly Cinema

December 14, 7pm -- Dallas [RSVP on Facebook]
Bookstore signing
A Real Bookstore (in Fairview, TX)

December 16, 7pm -- Atlanta [RSVP on Facebook]
Film TBA & book signing
Plaza Theatre

December 22, 7pm -- San Diego [RSVP on Facebook]
"Elf" screening & book signing
Gaslamp 15


It is my pleasure to introduce you to the hilarious and informative holiday film book, Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas to be released by Limelight Editions on October 15, 2010. Don't waste another second of your valuable holiday time on another boring Christmas movie. Film critic Alonso Duralde highlights the best – and worst – movies of the Yuletide season with this fun and informative film guide. Whether you're looking for the classics, family favorites, holiday horror, Christmas-themed crime epics, or the most wonderfully awful cinematic lumps of coal, Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas will point you and your rental queue in the right direction.

Whether your idea of a holiday classic is White Christmas, Bad Santa, Die Hard, Eyes Wide Shut, or Gremlins, you'll find the right film for you, as well as an exhaustively entertaining breakdown of the various screen Scrooges, from Alistair Sim to Jim Carrey to...Tori Spelling? And get ready to encounter movies you may never have heard of from the gritty noir Christmas Holiday, starring 1930s singing ingénue Deanna Durbin in her first hard-bitten adult role, to the loony Santa Claus, a Mexican kiddie movie in which St. Nick teams up with Merlin to fight the devil! Plot synopses, video availability, and fun facts – did you know the actor cast as Uncle Billy in It's a Wonderful Life was also in the running to play mean old Mr. Potter? – make this a stocking stuffed with information you'll turn to every Christmas season.

Alonso Duralde is also the author of 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men (Advocate Books). He is the film critic for The Wrap/Reuters and has written about film for Movieline, Salon, MSNBC.com, and HitFix, among many other publications. He also co-hosts the Linoleum Knife podcast and regularly appears on What the Flick?! (The Young Turks Network). Duralde also serves as Senior Programmer for the Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles and as a pre-screener for the Sundance Film Festival; he is also a consultant for the USA Film Festival/Dallas, where he spent five years as Artistic Director. A former Arts and Entertainment Editor at The Advocate, Duralde was a regular contributor to The Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current and has been featured in documentaries for TCM (Merry Christmas!), Current, (50 Documentaries to See  Before You Die), IFC (Indie SexFabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema) and Starz (Sex and the CinemaIn the Gutter), as well as on the special features of the Brokeback Mountain and Valley of the Dolls DVDs.

He lives in an awesome rent-controlled apartment with his husband Dave White, author of the very funny memoir Exile in Guyville.



Reelz Channel: Author and Movie Critic Alonso Duralde on Holiday Movies

KPCC 89.3 Sounthern California Public Radio - "‘Tis the season for green popcorn & yuletide movie cheer"

Nashville Scene: Die Hard? Black Christmas? Let Alonso Duralde's offbeat Christmas movie guide be your bad Santa


"A well-informed, comprehensive, irreverent and surprisingly far-reaching survey of holiday movies, from the bona fide classics to the unexpected." Leonard Maltin

"The holidays are hard, but film critic Alonso Duralde's done the heavy lifting in keeping your family entertained." Amy Nicholson, Boxoffice

"Charming, comprehensive, and user-friendly ... It's the surprising titles — Chris and Paul Weitz's About a Boy, Allen Reisner's tearjerker All Mine to Give, John Huston's The Dead, William Dieterle's noirish I'll Be Seeing You, Keith Gordon's lovely wartime parable A Midnight Clear, Danny Boyle's heartwarmer Millions, Gillian Armstrong's off-center Starstruck — that make Duralde's book such a gift." Carrie Rickey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A breezy, insightful overview of hundreds of films that either focus on the holiday or contain memorable scenes set during the season." Richard Knight, Jr., Chicago Tribune

"Five Stars: Author Alonso Duralde shows there’s a lot more to holiday movies than you might guess!" Gillian Gaar, Seattle Examiner

"For fans of Yuletide movies who think they've seen it all, veteran film critic Duralde's got a brand-new bag!" Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene

"Duralde displays a keen eye, quick wit and sharp tongue while covering swaths of ground that other Wonderful Life/Story/Carol/Vacation rundowns don't touch!" Diane Werts, TV Worth Watching

"Terrific!" Todd Gilchrist, Moviefone

"Witty, concise, and economically written — guaranteed to boost your holiday spirits!" Jeffrey M. Anderson, CombustibleCelluloid.com

"Duralde has already become a Yuletide expert, not only for this holiday season but seasons to come!" Michael Guillen, The Evening Class

"Four and a half stars: I absolutely loved reading this book and can't wait to check out some of these movies — highly recommended if you love to think about the holiday through film!" Amy, MyFriendAmysBlog.com

"A helpful resource for making the most of one’s limited pre-holiday mood elevation time and an entertaining read for film trivia enthusiasts!" James A. Gardner, BlogCritics.org

"A handy guide to virtually every film that has anything remotely to do with the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" Reverend Kirby, Movie Dearest

"A hilarious and informative look at your favorite holiday films!" Joe Thompson, Gay.net

"Witty!" Pam, The Thrifty Things

"This is a really handy book to have around the holidays. He covers the classics that everyone knows and some you don’t know about." LaughingLindsay.com

"Duralde’s book serves as a handy reference guide and an enjoyable read!" Jennifer, Movie*Pie

"One that I would highly recommend — I look forward to using this guide this holiday season to find some great movies in the future!" Dad of Divas (blog)

"No matter what your taste is, this book is chock full of suggestions for you!" The Hollywood Revue

"Best gift for movie buffs ever!" Samantha, HaveSippyWillTravel.com

"There are so many movies in here that I had never heard of, but definitely want to see now!" Katie, A Shopper's Quest

"Why not pair it with a Christmas Classic, such as It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street, as a stocking stuffer for someone you love this year?" Virginia, ThatBaldChick.com