• July 29, 2008 @ 10:00 pm E/P
    Starz Inside: In The Gutter
    Before the 1960's, most comedy was clean. These days, not so much. Starz Inside: In The Gutters explores the history of offensive no-holds-barred humor.
    Featuring interviews with Alonso Duralde.


Preaching to the Perverted
10th anniversary re-release of this classic movie features Alonso Duralde's interview with star Guinevere Turner.

Indie Sex
Indie Sex by award-winning filmmakers Lisa Ades and Lesli Klainberg explores how films have provided a forum to discover society’s deepest and darkest sexual fantasies played out on the big screen. Divided into three parts – Indie Sex: Censored, Indie Sex: Teens and Indie Sex: Extremes – the series delves into sex in movies through innovative verite footage, provocative film clips and compelling on-camera interviews with some of the industry’s leading actors, writers and directors.

Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema
This entertaining and informative documentary traces the history of queer cinematic storytelling in the United States, from the early shorts of Kenneth Anger to the mainstream triumph of Brokeback Mountain. Clips from classic GLBT movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Go Fish, Paris is Burning, My Own Private Idaho, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch are interspersed with interviews with filmmakers and critics including John Waters, Heather Matarazzo, B. Ruby Rich, John Cameron Mitchell, Gus Van Sant, Guinevere Turner, Peter Paige, Jenni Olson, Marcus Hu, and Alonso Duralde.

Brokeback Mountain
This new double-disc edition features Alonso Duralde as one of several interviewees in the documentary "A Groundbreaking Success" (alongside critics Matt Zoller Seitz and B. Ruby Rich, producer James Schamus, and co-writer Diana Ossana), as well as a new documentary on the making of the film's extraordinary soundtrack.

Valley of the Dolls
The 1967 camp classic makes its DVD debut in a gorgeous two-disc set. Alonso Duralde appears in three documentaries -- Gotta Get Off This Merry-Go-Round: Sex, Dolls and Showtunes, The Divine Ms. Susann, and The Dish on the Dolls. This special edition also features a feature-length commentary with actress Barbara Parkins and E!'s Ted Casablanca, sing-along musical numbers, screen-test footage, and much much more!