• July 29, 2008 @ 10:00 pm E/P
    Starz Inside: In The Gutter
    Before the 1960's, most comedy was clean. These days, not so much. Starz Inside: In The Gutters explores the history of offensive no-holds-barred humor.
    Featuring interviews with Alonso Duralde.

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Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas
NEW - Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas is the first film guide written specifically for holiday film viewing, including traditional classics alongside more unusual choices of films that are set at Yuletide without being thought of as “Christmas movies.” The guide will spotlight Christmas-themed adult comedies, dramas, action thrillers, foreign films, and horror films—even a documentary—as well as movies for the whole family.

To order your copy of the book, please visit: http://amzn.to/b444F8

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2011- Book Signing and Double Feature at the Aero Theater, Santa Monica, CA
'Tis the season to join us at the annual Montana Avenue Holiday Walk, beginning at 5:00 PM! At 6:30 PM, Alonso Duralde will sign copies of his book Have Yourself A Movie Little Christmas. The double feature will begin at 7:30PM. Tickets and Details »

See Alonso with Dave White in the DVD commentary for Maria's B-Movie Mayhem - Caged Men - I'm Going to Get You... Elliot Boy
"Both Alonso Duralde and Dave White are very, very funny, making this commentary track a great way to watch (or re-watch) the film." -- DVDverdict.com

See Alonso December 6, 2011 on TCM's A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas! Read More »


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